Famously known as the Pearl of the Orient, Penang hapens to be one of the most preferred tourism locations in Malaysia. Situated on the northwest side of Peninsular Malaysia, visitors can enjoy an abundance of activities and sight-seeing locations on the island. With a population of 1.5 million, consisting a fair amount of locals and foreigners, the island showcases culture and tradition unlike any other. Specially known for its mouth watering delicacies, Penang is well known as the food haven of Malaysia offering meals and beverages of great taste and texture coming from a mixed pot of ethnicities. Not only that, the island is home to a number of hotels and resorts with most located around the main city, Georgetown, Batu Ferringhi and Tanjung Bungah. The marina for yachts in Penang also happens to be one of the most beautiful and well kept ones around within the nation.


  • Bukit Bendera, or more known by foreigners as the Penang Hill is roughly 820 metres above sea level and provides an escape from the sometimes unbearable heat present on the island. This provides visitors a breathtaking view of the entire island and one may also opt to either hike up the hill or take the cable car to the top.
  • Known as one of the largest Buddhist temple complexes available within Southeast Asia, the Kek Lok Si temple was built on top of a hill in the Air Itam town. Standing tall for more than a century, guests are able to dive in deeper within the Thai, Chinese and Burmese architecture styles present within the temple.
  • Made to be one of the more thrilling an exciting things to do in Penang, the Escape Adventureland offers a roller coaster of emotions especially to those who love staying active. Visitors may enjoy zip lining, jumping on platforms, tree rope swining and more adrenaline filled fun.
  • Perfect for parents with active children, the Adventure Zone Theme Park is Penang’s solution for families to have a fantastic time together. Home to more than 30 activities and divided into three zones, the park has fun things for toddlers, kids and even adults to enjoy.
  • One of Penang’s most well known landmarks, Fort Cornwallis is a 17th century chapel which has some prison sells, ammunition storage area and much more. Not only that, there are a number of bronze cannons too, which were believed to be a good omen for women’s fertility. Best part about this area is that it is surrounded by food from all over the country!


Barracuda 9

Designed for the best cruising experience, the Barracuda 9 combines qualities of only the best. With an innovative design, match for speed and performance coupled with all the safety features needed, one will stand to enjoy a perfectly smooth ride throughout a cruise. Parked at the scenic Straits Quay of Pulau Pinang, this boat is…

Sunseeker 63

Boasting a triumphant sense of style and quality craftsmanship, the OSCA (Sunseeker 63) speaks entertainment and space flawlessly, turning heads of all at sea. With every inch of its body carefully designed for success, the yacht also carries with it a vast space from within. The exterior invites its guests to relax and chill without…

Leopard 51

The Vangohh Seafarer (Leopard 51) is a catamaran motor yacht with a vast space available inside offering comfort and luxe to all who enters its doors. Embodying warmth and comfort with its uniquely designed cabin, families and friends alike are bound to feel at home upon setting foot in the luxurious yacht. Located in Langkawi,…

Riva Opera 85

The White Rose (Riva Opera 85) spreads its petals effortlessly when surrounded by the calm blue sea. Catering to a niche market with its classic wooden runabouts, Riva has time and again built traditional yet late-modern classics of luxurious yachts. This beauty has held its promise throughout the test of time and continues to impress…