A beach resort destination known by many, Port Dickson is the go to destination for sunset cruises. Promising a clean visit everytime with the beautiful sun glistening by the sea, guests will be able to experience the shortest sea routes between the world’s most populous countries via the Straits of Malacca. With rays of the sun shining above all, the view almost never disappoints especially once they’ve threaded over to the middle of the sea. A sunset cruise from and to Port Dickson proves to be the most relaxing and calm activity one can participate in when on a yacht. Those looking for an invaluable yacht charter experience, should consider Port Dickson as its main destination or starting point.


  • Located roughly 8km away from Port Dickson, Pantai Cahaya Negeri is a beautiful and popular tourist destination stretching away with an elegant beach outlook and an endless sea view over the horizon. Locals have a long lasting debate regarding this topic but many if not most, agree that it is the best beach in Port Dickson.
  • Commemorating the glorious history of Lukut, the Lukut Museum and Fort is situated on a hill and considered to be one of the historical areas in Port Dickson. Built by Raja Jumaat in 1847 to monopolise tin trading, the museum today displays an array of artefacts including the antiquity from the sunken Dutch battleship.
  • Offering visitors the chance to indulge in its peaceful atmosphere, Tanjung Tuan offers plenty of sight seeing locations along the beautiful beaches available. Gazetted as a forest reserve, the area is covered by mangrove swamps and tropical rainforests with trails leading to the Cape Rachado Lighthouse – oldest lighthouse in Malaysia built by the Portuguese.
  • A great family bonding destinaton, the Saujana Beach is a clean and peaceful beachside with shady trees and food stalls around making it the perfect place for a picnic by the beach. Visitors are encouraged to enjoy jet skiing, the banana boat and kite flying here to up the ante on their adrenaline.
  • Gain a sneak peek of the lifestyles of local fishermen at the Bagan Pinang Beach. With less watersports activities, it offers a more serene environment for guests to enjoy while witnessing the hardworking fishermen at sea doing what needs to be done.
  • A small and intimate beach located within a bay, the Blue Lagoon Beach is enveloped by dense forestry, promising a cooling effect especially once the sun sets. Visitors may also find coral reefs below the water surface when the tide is low, promising a valuable experience when visiting. Due to its close proximity to the forest reserve, one may also encounter monkeys, squirrels, fowls and migratory birds as part of the local ecosystem.


Antares 42

Versatility is said to be the key to a boat’s success. With every boat, there is always a compromise. At times, you might need a fishing boat, other times it may be for a day of cruising around. The Antares 42 offers both whenever chartered in Port Dickson thanks to its unique design and accommodating…

Princess 66

Built by Marine Project UK, this yacht happens to be one of the 66 exclusively made for extensive diving and cruising. Fitting to its name, the Layar Metro (Princess 66) carries her guests in an eloquent manner with a luxurious setting, offering those on board an experience never to be forgotten.  With a 4 cabin…

Kong & Halvorsen 80

Boasting an elegant lightwood interior, Sabrina (Halvorsen 80) offers a simplistic yet accomplished manner of sea cruising. Built in 1991, it carries an abundance of memories within its walls, raring to create more meaningful ones. Located at the Admiral Marina in Port Dickson, it offers a valuable experience for anyone to partake in. Promoting a…

Lagoon 620

Said to be a flagship model truly designed for long distance cruising, Nadhirah (Lagoon 620) offers innovative solutions to any needs of those travelling on water. Guests are bound to be in awe of the luxurious set up, what more with it showcasing strength, comfort and performance unlike any other.  To all future guests reading…