Do you have somewhere to be? Or would you like a tour around the city on air? Be in touch with your adventurous nature and get on board for the ride of your life. Promising a fun and convenient arrangement, be prepared to live in the life of Indiana Jones while you fly in the sky in utter style and ruggedness. Feel the thrill of flight with our line of the best adventure filled aircrafts. We know you’re ready.

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Robinson R44

A two and a half seat light helicopter which allows you to witness the city unlike any other. The R44 is a high performing chopper which is highly reliable and proves to be easy to maintain. All helicopters within this line have a two-bladed rotor system and includes the best of Robinson’s latest technology. It…

Robinson R66

The Robinson R66 is a four seater chopper with a two-bladed rotor system. Equipped with the best of Robinson’s technology, what sets this helicopter apart is the spacious 300 lb capacity baggage cargo compartment available. With energy absorbing seats and fully powered by a Rolls-Royce RR300 turboshaft engine, it delivers power and performance unlike any…